A 1-day, VIP intensive. So you can stop telling yourself you'll get around to it "some day" and finally get.it.done.

Conversion copy in a day

Instead of working through the typical copy process that takes WEEKS to get your project done...

...what if you could skip my waitlist and get conversion copy delivered to your inbox in a day?

This is the one-day fast-track to expert sales copy. 

Need a strategic copy makeover so you can start hitting the right notes? 

Ready to launch, like yesterday, and your copy to-do list is giving you nightmares? 

Got some loose ends that you don’t want to put off anymore? 

Sound like you?

let's go!

Join me for a 7.5 non-stop party for $1495 AUD

A few days prior, we'll have a 30 min strategy session to walk through your goals and your priority list.
On the day, if I can check-in after 30 mins and again 30 mins before time’s up, that’d be great. 
You're not on the clock. You do your thing, while I serve up some freshly baked sales copy.
Whatever isn't finished will be handed over with exactly what you need to do next (or you can book me in again).

Some things to know:

You can’t wait for an opening on my calendar
You can’t swing the full package price tag 
You have a random collection of copy needs 
You’ve got existing copy that needs a facelift or need fresh copy written
You're cool with a little DIY to finish things off (with a  roadmap from me)

Conversion Copy in a Day is the best way for us to work together if...

Conversion Copy in a Day

I'm going to be real with you: I can’t give you any guarantees on what I can get done. You’re buying my time and expertise, rather than a finished deliverable.

Some things I can knock over quickly; others take more than a day.

But I'll make you a deal: whatever I don't get done before the clock strikes midnight (or, like, 7.5 hours) will be nicely mapped out and handed over with detailed notes on what to do next (or you can book me in again to keep writing).

Sales copy odds and ends

Voice of customer research

Funnel fixes (plug those money leaks) 

Sales pages

Email sequences

Some of the things we can tackle:

No playing with pups/taking nanna naps

ZERO time-wasting

No other client gets a look in

ZERO two-timing

No calls, emails or social media rabbit-holes

ZERO distractions

Ok, here's my “I’m-all-yours-all-day” pledge

Oh, you want a guarantee?


01. A couple of days beforehand, we’ll kick off with a 30-minute strategy call (my free gift to you). I can help you choose where you want to focus to get the most value.

02. On the day itself, I’ll have a quick look through what you’ve shared with me, get some ideas, and check back in with you to prioritise.

03. Then I’ll burrow in and get cracking.

04. Towards the end of the day, we’ll regroup. I’ll wrap up our time together with detailed notes on what to do next (or you can book me in again to keep writing if there’s more to do).

Yep! Here's how this will unfold (pink flamingo straw not included):

Is there an itinerary for this party?


conversion copy by day's end

Here's your VIP invite to

The one-day fast-track to expert sales copy - $1495

Elise, savvy expressions career coach

You were able to transform my notes into content that perfectly connected the two sides of my business, my offerings and who I am. I felt I would be in good hands; I really like your vibe and the copywriting process was very clear, fast and I saw great results. It was wonderful to work with you.

"The copy attracted the right people and filled my books up quickly"

Consider this your final nudge


This is the checklist that has helped my clients with super successful launches. It can work for yours, too.

The Launch Copy Checklist

Leaving so soon? I've got a party favour for you!

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