Save yourself from templates and checklists and get the exact, custom copy you need to make your sales page convert

Sales page woes
got you good?

➙ Is this too much – or not long enough?

➙ What order do all my points need to be in to make the most sales?

➙ How do I let people know my offer is must-have?

➙ Are these calls to action compelling?

➙ Should I call out the buyer objections – or will that put people off?

➙ Where do I put the testimonials? Doesn't that just sound like a brag-fest?

right now you're stumped by all the big sales page questions

Even though you're a total legend at running and scaling your business with the best of them...

You're left asking yourself "what do I need to do to get people to see and fall in love with my offer?"

Or you could just keep showing up to time-sucking webinars that leave you more puzzled…

…Looking up 10 point blog posts…

…Downloading a one page plug and play template…

…Switching around a few words here and there.

Just kidding. You're not going to go it alone anymore - not on my watch.

I'll guide you to a place where fears are conquered and conversions reign

The pieces all fall into place when you have the support, strategies and sales page know-how


Get a conversion-focused sales page in your brand voice from $2200 AUD

1:1 Strategy call where we dive into your audience and sales page woes
Voice of customer research (I'll comb through your reviews, dig around online, and interview 4 customers)
Long-form sales page (aka the heavy-lifter in your launch toolkit), up to 3000 words
2 rounds of revisions to get your message and voice just right

Sounds good, but what do I actually get?

That's the sound of a slew of dreamy clients banging down your door (not literally, that'd be creepy). They've come to YOU. Your sales page has done the heavy-lifting and you haven't had to chase anyone down.

That's what happens when you work with someone who knows exactly where to place the price / testimonials / CTAs, and ALL of my marketing psychology tips (that degree didn't come cheap, might as well use it for something!).  

Meet the
Sales Page Salvation


Join me on an adventure from $2200 AUD


Highly-desirable side effects include:

01. Understand your funnel
02. Know your audience (we're going to crawl inside their heads and camp out there)
03. Unearth your messages
04. Map your messages
05. Write your messages
06. Serve up your messages (on repeat)

6 steps to take you from zero to hero:

The can't-fail process looks a little like this....

let's go!

get more conversions

You've got stuff to sell, right? Then you need a sales page.

Do I even need a
sales page?

My custom sales pages are perfect for anyone promoting:

live launches 

evergreen courses 


group programs 

digital offers 


Now I see why Des raves about you!!! 
It looks fab and so more in the direction I wanted to take it. 
Fills in all the gaps, you're awesome!

If it involves reaching out and connecting with people, Kelly is the go-to.


You helped us transition from tired and wordy into copy that informs, connects with the target audience, as well as communicating how we serve our individual groups. And there is now a clear story that can be used both externally and internally about our different customer groups.

 Our brand now has more personality - it's a showcase of your ability to understand and adjust for different targets

kind words


ready to take the leap and see how good conversions can feel?

Sales Page Salvation is here for the taking, so are you...