I simplify your message so that you can share your brilliance with the people who're waiting for it
(even if selling scares you senseless)

Conversion copy for epic changemakers 

Some copywriters write personality-driven copy, and don’t worry about the sales.
Others go for the hard sell and don’t care how they get it (so many shades of wrong).

Whichever way you go, there’s always one problem you keep coming up against....

...that feeling that you sound like, well, not you… and you’re not making the sales you should be, either.

Ever feel like you have to choose between sales and integrity...

... and neither feels quite right?

"But wait Kelly, you're saying it doesn't have to mean big budgets, big splashy tactics or big teams?"

Gold star, you got it.

But it does take focus, clarity and direction with your messaging. And that's tricky to figure out on your own.

Especially when you have bills to pay, people to serve, and about a million other things to do besides writing your own copy.

Hi, I'm Kelly. I'm a conversion copywriter who can help you ethically generate more sales for your course, membership or digital offer.

So isn’t it time we focused on an approach that combines integrity and sales?


Your students deserve a transformation they can’t get from anywhere or anyone else.

Your life’s work deserves to be packaged up and given shape and form.

And you deserve a conversion copywriter who can pull the best out of you to ensure all of that happens (oh, hey there!). 

So here's what we're going to do about it

I'm going to guide you to a place where sly is banished, personality reigns, and sales roll in. 

You’ve officially entered my orbit— prepare to elevate your message and your sales, because around here we don’t waste time on guessing games. 

My signature style:
I go deep with your message so you can go wide with your offer, and do so in a way that feels like a completely authentic expression of your brilliance.

My simple approach: Unearthing the deeper story. Presenting the transformation on offer. And wrapping it all up with ethical sales psychology. Nothing devious. Not my style.

Increased webinar registrations by 150%

Increased earning per lead by 41%

Sold out a high-ticket offer on Day 3 of a 7 day open cart

Smashed email benchmarks for open and click through rates

4x the conversion rate on a sales page    

Halved the cart abandonment rate

Some client successes you might be interested in: 

More clicks, signups and sales are my thing

Ok, so maybe you're thinking "this sounds good, but I need proof that you're the real deal, Kelly"



Kelly made this a seamless process from concept to reality. She was very driven to get the job done and exceeded our expectations – seeing the pieces come together was a definite highlight. Everything was undertaken in a professional manner and she is very honest and open.

The strategy behind the words has made all the difference.

kind words


You know the answer. Let's do something about it.

Quick question for you: if you don't even love your message, how will your audience?


Find out what you need to be able to check off before launching. Buh-bye overwhelm, hello clarity!

Download my Launch Copy Checklist 

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