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I had a client proudly tell me the other day that she has *never* had an unsubscribe. Not a single one. I pulled various versions of this face: Because here’s the thing: she’s focusing on the wrong metrics.  She had no idea of her performance against email marketing metrics that actually matter. You know, stuff […]

Permission not to freak out about email unsubscribes

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Writing is hard. Writing to sell your stuff is even harder. But you’re a good writer and nobody knows your offer better than you. So, you give it a go and it actually sounds pretty good. Problem is – who knows if it will actually ring true with your audience? And how will you know […]

Voice of customer research: your shortcut to conversions


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If there’s one thing I love it’s seeing another Mum smashing it in business. Desiree Robards, from the Naked Digital Marketer, recently invited me to write a guest post for her. Digital marketing and copywriting go together like cheese and wine.

Is professional copywriting really that important?


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The art of saying ‘sorry’ and how businesses can get it right when admitting their wrongs. Businesses screw up all the time, it’s inevitable. Mistakes, misunderstandings and breakdowns can happen to any business. The savvy ones go into damage control, offer a heartfelt apology and move on. But then there are the businesses that are […]

Sorry seems to be the hardest word